More water!

One day this winter, we headed up to Lake Pleasant Regional Park, which is just a short trip north of Phoenix.  Once again, I was really excited to see more water.  Living in Arizona has made me really appreciate the presence of water, both pragmatically from a city-dweller perspective, but also aesthetically.  I think having our own well water for so many years has also spoiled me.

When we got to Lake Pleasant, it was terribly windy.  There were whitecaps on the lake.  We walked out over a land bridge to a small island "mountain," but we didn't stay long because of the cold wind.  With our picnic lunch back at the car, we decided to picnic inside the car looking out over the lake.  Once we finished eating, the sun had warmed up, the wind had calmed, and we were able to walk around outside a bit more comfortably.