From Fiction to Reality

Our visit to Prescott, AZ was prompted from my reading of the historical fiction series, Prescott Pioneers.  About an hour and a half north of Phoenix, Prescott definitely feels like you've gotten out of the Sonoran Desert.  While the area has obviously changed almost unrecognizably from the 1800s, we still got to see the historic Governor's Mansion in its original site.  The downtown square is a quaint block with historic courthouse building.

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One unexpected treat was getting a super Indian meal at Taj Mahal on Montezuma Street.  Yum!

Before we left town, we drove just north to Watson Lake.  In another feeling of fiction coming to life, when we stepped out from the parking area, we felt like we were in Planet of the Apes!  The large granite boulders here, not only in the hills above the lake but also cropping up from the waters of the  lake, felt other-worldly!