Potato Salad and the Power of Suggestion

Normally, I like to think I'm not terribly susceptible to the power of suggestion when it comes to foods,  advertising, product placement, etc.   I picked up some chow chow a few weeks ago, trying to avoid the dyes, preservatives, etc. in the ingredients in all the relish jars I was seeing.  I saw a label on the jar of chow chow, "great in potato salad."  Hmmm -- interesting!

Turns out, it really is delicious in potato salad.  In fact, I think it's my new favorite potato salad to date.  I mixed mayo with the chow chow, a little garlic powder and onion powder, salt and pepper.  Then, I chopped peppers and green onions, and folded it all together with the cubed potatoes and dressing.   

Suggestion planted >> chow chow consumed.  It worked on me.