Playing around with photo filters

Ever since upgrading to PSCS6, I can't run some of the tried and true (and free) photo filter actions I used to use.  I read an article recently on creating a weathered, tinted, light-leaked look in your photos.  I followed along and got something at least somewhere along the lines of the results I'd aimed for.  It helped that the photos I used are old scans.  The page below was done for a scraplift challenge.  Can you see (barely) the lighting / streaks I added to the taped photo?  Also, for the photo clipped to a mask, I spent a while playing with the tones and colors in that, testing colors, tweaking blend modes, only to be muted by the mask.  Everything below by Rosey Posey, her kit Amazing Views.

Here's a snapshot of my workspace to show you a little about how I did it.  I added a colors adjustment layer on top of my scanned image (Linear Light blend mode; opacity 30%).  I entered quick mask mode and scribbled a few streaks along the edges with the brush tool, soft edges.  Exited q.m. mode, inverted the selection (cmd-i), and added a curves adjustment layer to just the selection (bumping up the brightness for those areas only).  I merged my final output (opt + flyout panel window >> merge visible, which adds a merged layer as a new layer, instead of merging all layers, and losing / destroying future edit-ability).