Grape pie

I'd never heard of grape pie before a few years ago.  When the grapes started ripening at a family cabin nearby a few years ago, we started thinking of what to do with the grapes.

Frankly, I have never gathered the courage to make grape jelly.  I ran across a recipe in my solid stand-by, Joy of Cooking, for grape pie.  Making it is a bit more labor intensive than apple; it involves peeling the grapes (maybe this is also part of grape jelly, not sure), then cooking and mashing the insides and pressing through a strainer to de-seed.  But the ingredients are very basic, when lets the full concord grape flavor shine through.

The outcome is just incredible. The most luscious, grape-y flavor you can imagine!  With a dollop of vanilla ice cream - perfection!  There are quite a few recipes out there on the internet:
In the Joy of Cooking recipe, it calls for some orange zest, and I think that makes a nice addition.  Has anyone else ever heard of grape pie?