Old Photos, Familiar or Unfamiliar

Sometimes I just get an itch to create pages using old photos.  I love, love, love this photo of my grandmother, who was a teacher.  She must have just started out in her career when this photo was taken.  I'm enchanted with how she's sitting, her dress, the bushes and building with cool windows in the background.  So, when I saw this kit by Lilas Designs, I knew the photo I wanted to work with.

Truth be told, I also love working with photos of folks I have never known or seen before.  Like this one; the photo was included with the kit by New Life Dreams.  I blended it with a wood-texture paper and ran some photo filters on it for a painted look.
 Or this one, using Rosey Posey goodies. This gorgeous lady was in a family album.  There was no indication of her identity, but I am enamored with her dress and her whole look.  Who was she?
But I also can't resist using pictures of my sweet husband as a little tyke (using Studio Mix 28):
I also find old photos are perfect for art-journal pages.  I should call these "non-memory" pages.  As they are made with a semi-traditional scrapping style, and maybe even a template, but only have personal relevance, significance or representation, no personal memories or experiences to record.  Hmm, maybe I just coined a new scrapping term.
Credits here (mostly Tangie Baxter stuff)
I definitely can't say I'm a heritage scrapper, but my imagination tends to take off when I see old photos.  Like being immersed in a good book, I love studying the pictures and imagining life back when the photos were taken.
Do you do heritage pages?  Why or why not?