Chateau de La Rochepot

We spent a few days meandering backroads in Burgundy. On this particular day, we wandered, turning right or left on a whim, but generally headed south.  We had an Android tablet and had downloaded some apps with off-line maps of Burgundy, but realized later it would have been about as effective as saving Google maps for offline use.  I'm pretty disappointed to learn that since then, Google has kind of hidden the offline maps functionality (you have to go to the Google Maps app and type "go maps" -- huh??).

When we set off that morning, we had plans for a nice picnic, and spotted a little town on the map with a canal where we might stop, but the rain had other ideas.  We had finally gotten our few items out on a picnic table set in a small park, listening to a creek, when the rain started coming down.  We packed it all back up and finished lunch up in the car.

We continued on, stopping at various little towns throughout the day.  Our southernmost point ended up being Chateau de La Rochepot, a restored chateau overlooking a quaint town, just south of Beaune.  It was a spur-of-the moment decision, but one we definitely don't regret.  We arrived just an hour or so  before closing, and approached an intriguing (and funny) door sign instructing you to knock to enter.  The approach to the chateau was impressive, but inside the beautiful courtyard and colorful roof tiles really wowed us.

We hit it at a fabulous time of year; it was springtime and everything was not only lush and green, but the trees were in glorious bloom.

The view of the town from the chateau was picturesque.

Most of the chateau has been reconstructed, having been through a lot of destructive history, including the French Revolution.  But the restoration has been remarkable.  Although most of the furnishings are not native to the house or owners, they are representative of period pieces. The kitchen has a really interesting collection of implements, and the bedrooms and the Chinese rooms are outfitted quite impressively.  The brightly-colored tile on the fireplace in the bedroom below was incredible.

We happily were able to join an English tour, which was well-presented and interesting.

And, of course, a couple digi pages created to record our visit.
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If you're ever traveling through Burgundy, I really recommend visiting this chateau.