One year ago today

I was looking in the backyard of our new home-away-from-home.  Getting ready to check out of the tiny hotel room that had been our home for a few weeks.
We had lots of sunny, weekend afternoons back there, enjoying the roses, palms, birds, and mountain views.  We also listened to the kids at the school behind screaming at the top of their lungs (most week days, off and on all day!), and heard the airplanes flying low overhead.

Today I'm  seeing different views, like the blue sky peeking through the clouds, the differences of light throughout the day.  More clouds than this time last year, for sure.  But also loads more trees and greenery.
And I'm noticing smaller details, like droplets of water on a fallen leaf.  And the incredible number of colors around me, even as most of the leaves are gone.

It's a different fall than this time last year, but I'm grateful as can be to be where I am right now.