Travel Journal: Fort Clinch State Park

Finally, part two of our trip to Amelia Island.  Our second day, we headed to Fort Clinch State Park first thing in the morning.  I usually enjoy state parks (especially in Florida), but I had no idea how super this one would be.  It's situated right at the tip of the island, so there is water all around.  Gorgeous sea views from the top of the structure.

There have been no battles fought there, but it was a garrison in the Civil War and Spanish-American wars.  The restoration and conservation jobs are outstanding.  The rooms have interesting period items in them, like the bunk rooms, the kitchen, the jail, and the supply rooms.

Fires burning in the courtyard of the fort and in the fireplaces added to the authentic feel.  Once in a while, a soldier dressed in period costume stepped out to play a song on the fife, the sound carried throughout the fort.

One of my favorite things about the fort is that you could just wander around down long hallways and winding stairs, exploring lots of nooks and crannies.

The morning we were there was not crowded at all, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  That was a real treat. 
I really recommend visiting here.  In fact, I'd love to go back.  Biking trails, beaches, picnic sites, and camping are all something that sound like additional ways to enjoy the park.

What state parks stand out to you?  I'm always interested in hearing about good ones to visit.

Finally, a layout with some images from our visit.
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