Spanish Gems: Lekeitio, Spain

One of my favorite cities in the Basque region of Spain is Lekeitio.  Set on the water with a beautiful harbor front, it's incredibly picturesque.

Just across the water there is an island, San Nicolasreachable during low tide.  I was not adventurous enough to make the trek along the wall, as it was very slick with algae.  I definitely didn't want to end up with a twisted (or worse - broken) ankle for the remainder of our trip; however, my better half made the trek with no problem.  Once you've crossed over to the island, you can hike to the top of the island, where there is a view looking back over the town.

The signs are a definite indicator that you aren't quite in Spain any more.
Fishing has a huge influence on the area, as you can imagine.

There is an old church building in town with lovely flying buttresses.
We were happy to have a room with a view of the island from our balcony (a bit too far in the past to accurately recommend an accommodation there, but nice when we stayed).  There was a small park situated just below the balcony, where families with small children gathered to visit and enjoy the water view.
Everywhere you walk in town there seem to be gorgeous views.
 The hotel where we stayed had a nice waterfront patio, as well as the beach down below where you could stroll.  There was also a spa in the lower level of the hotel, with a large pool and massaging waterfalls.  They gave us ridiculous little blue and white bathing caps to use (which we kept as a funny souvenir).  It was very relaxing.

 Driving outside town, the scenery along the coast still does not disappoint.  Gorgeous aquamarine water, rolling green hills and mountains, and wonderful rock formations.

As the sun started to set one evening, we were entertained watching the water crashing across the sea wall at the harbor.  We were treated to some huge, high sprays of water.

Have you ever been to the Basque area of Spain?  If so, what can you recommend seeing or doing there?