Fusion Cooking

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One of our favorite places to eat in Phoenix is a little hole-in-the-wall place (yet definitely not unknown) called Chino Bandido.  It's a Mexican-Chinese fusion place that serves up combos like yummy fried rice with a jerk chicken burrito. You order a plate, a quesadilla, or burrito, get beans on the side, and a cookie for dessert.  We loved it!  My favorite was the "hengrenade chicken" which was a slight bit less spicy than the jerk chicken.

So, in the spirit of Chino Bandido, I decided to make Jamaican-Vietnamese Summer Rolls.  I had been wanting to make some for a while, as we used to get some great summer rolls at a nearby Asian market.  But one day I found myself with leftover jerk chicken and a lot of rice paper, some chili oil, and fish sauce, so I threw it all together.  It turned out to be a yummy experiment.

The thing is, it's so easy to just throw in whatever you have on hand.  I chopped up lettuce, bell pepper, green onion, carrot, tossed with a bit of lime juice, fish sauce, and chili oil.

I dipped the rice paper in hot water, then quickly laid it out on the board.  I placed the veggies then the chicken on the wet rice paper, and wrapped it up.

 I have a long way to go before I get good at making a wrapper that will hold together (tips, anyone?), but it's a good throw-together for a light meal.

Another fusion meal we've fixed recently is stir-fried rice alongside a Mexican casserole.  Something I'm thinking of making is a tandoori chicken pizza (with tikka masala sauce, possibly?).

What are some of your favorite fusion dishes to make?