A snowbird:  exactly what I want to be at a time where the autumn temps are looking a lot more like January than November, there's snow and ice blanketing much of the nation, and it's colder in parts of Virginia than Alaska!

I'd like to be enjoying tropical fruits and vegetables like avocado, dragon fruit, and boniato.

I'd prefer to stop by a beach with bright blue skies and watch lots of flags flying.

Or look at gorgeous, vivid tropical plants in bloom.  Or wonder at beautiful, feathery blooms covering bushes.

Or gaze up at coconut palms.

I would happily prefer sitting on an empty beach as the sun sets, interacting with sweet birds.
Instead of being bundled under a blanket when it's below zero out, I'd rather take a late-afternoon walk in the sunshine, watching boats coming in and out of a marina, as well as pelicans and giant tarpon.

Not that I mind the occasional cuddle under a blanket with a good book and a cup of hot tea, it's just not my preference.  Come summer or winter (or cold, cold fall), the tropics are where I'd rather be.