The Little Things

One of the topics that I enjoy creating pages about is the simple moments in life.  Not only do I love taking photos of everyday, ordinary things, I love reminiscing about those moments and bringing them back to life on a digital page.  One such layout I created recently was just this type of moment.

Dawn Inskip Journey Kit
Dawn Inskip Hot Mess
Dawn Inskip Paper Pandemonium

I took a photo of my hubby as he walked through a small train station along the Douro River in Portugal.  The blue Portuguese tiles were lovely, as was the light streaming through the building, and the beautiful hillsides across the green river.

In keeping with the theme of little details, for this page, I blended a map paper to the background, and placed a transparent tape element over Spain and Portugal on the map.  I recolored the painted flower elements to match the green walls and blue in the tiles.  I also blended a compass element into the page, and tried to give a more cohesive looking using a large gesso overlay.

What is your favorite type of thing to photograph or create a scrapbook page about?  Significant celebrations?  Everyday moments?  Vacations?  Special meals?