Year in Review

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It's an exercise I enjoy, mentally, to go back through the year and either look at digital layouts or photos then make a year-in-review page.  It forces me to take time to ponder what each month's representative image would be, in addition to all the events over the course of the year.

2014 was definitely a difficult year overall.  A sudden, heart-breaking loss for our family seemed to pervade most of the months.  But at the same time, I learned to relish the small, daily blessings a little more: the budding spring, some beautiful summer hikes in nature close to home, and the brilliant fall with some amazing blue skies.   I focused on appreciating my surroundings as each month rolled by.  A quick mid-year trip to Florida proved an exercise in wonder: re-visiting an old, favorite spring and snorkeling in some new ones.

The highlight of travel for the year was definitely Spain and Portugal.  Being with family in the last few days of the year felt like a precious way to end the year.

Do you do year-in-review pages or photo collections?