Should Have Dones, Could Have Dones

Oh, how it makes me cringe to look back on travels and have the, "I should have done this," and "I could have done that's."  I guess it forces me to learn, and to think more carefully next time around what I'd do differently.  Here is a sampling of (let's not call it regrets, let's call it) next times...

Valencia, Spain


Drink Horchata.  Why, why, didn't I try this beloved beverage of Valencia, Spain?  We even walked right by a cool looking, blue-tiled place that advertised it.  What's wrong with me?

Brussels, Belgium


Eat more chocolate.  I mean, being in the one of the capitals of chocolate in the world, shouldn't that be a given?  There must be a gazillion places to choose from.  Was it that I just didn't take the time?  Didn't feel hungry?  What?  Can someone please explain me to myself?

Paris, France


Ok, so it wasn't the best time in Paris.  Rained buckets.  And when I say buckets, I really mean 55-gallon trash cans.  Crazy rain.  But still, wouldn't it have been wise to seek shelter in some wonderful antique stores?  I had envisioned finding cool little trinkets and wonderful feasts for the eyes. Next time, right?  Definitely.

Pontevedra, Spain


Missed photo ops are the worst.  No matter the weather, how tired I might be after sightseeing, whatever, there should be nothing stopping me from stopping and taking a photo in one of the coolest lobbies I'd been in in a while (where I was staying, no less).  Heck, I even Facetime'd with my parents and showed them.  But did I take a few moments to get a photo?  No.  This lobby at the Parador at Pontevedra was great.  I really did see it with my own eyes.  Just wish I'd also captured it on my camera.

What kind of should have, could have moments do you remember on your travels?