Spanish Gems: Baiona & the Galician Coast

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Our trip to Northern Spain, which had been in the back of our minds for several years, was postponed multiple times for one reason or another.  Periodically, we would gaze online at the Parador in Baiona, a one-time medieval fortress, and had planned to stay there if we ever were able to go on this trip.  It just didn't fit into our budget for this trip.

The staff seemed understandably strict about not allowing non-guests to park at the Parador property, so we drove a short distance and found an underground municipal parking lot.  Inexpensive, shady, and a short walk to the Parador -- perfect!
Even better, the elevator from the parking garage opens into a small city garden with a nice gazebo and interesting sculpture.

The walk around the Parador was marvelous.  Water on three sides.  Old ramparts, cannons, turrets, and beautiful landscaping.  Still yachts and busy fishermen were out on the water.  It might have been nice to take a while longer and stroll down close to the water, as well.  I appreciate that the Parador property allows visitors to walk around.  It looks like it would be a super place to come back and stay one day.
Vinnie Pearce Port collection
We were in no hurry to get to the next destination, so we drove slowly down the Galician coast, and eventually stopped at a roadside place to eat, which was right across the street from the ocean.  It was a bit of a language struggle, but that's part of the adventure.

There were multiple pull-offs along the road.  Stopping for a short rest with views like this is always a treat.

Looks like someone in a camper van had the right idea
Another bonus of no firm itinerary is stopping at an unexpected place, like Castro de Santa Tegra, an ancient Celtic village high on a hill top where the MiƱo River meets the Atlantic.

Vinnie Pearce, Rise collection

We wandered there for some time, glad that hubby had spotted cars driving up the side of the giant hill, and that we had decided to check out where they were going.  Afterwards, we continued on toward Tui, our next destination on the Portuguese border.