Don't Look Back

I agree with this Biblically-based wisdom: don't look back (Philippians 3:13 and Luke 17:32  >> Genesis 19:26).

Although I will say I think it's perfectly ok to look back fondly on the good things of life (Philippians 4:8), remembering sweet moments with beloved people in our lives (hey, isn't that what scrapbooking is all about?).

But the things that are best forgotten, that are negative or wrong, and that you have moved beyond and been forgiven for, those things -- leave them behind.

Here's a layout I made recently along that same line of thought, both the good looking-back, and the wisdom of not looking back on the bad things.  I used Dawn Inskip, Angie Young, and Jen Maddocks products from scrapbookgraphics.