Road Trip

I've been following along here and there with the blog prompts from Found Love Now What blog.  This one's all about road trips.  I love road trips.  We've made many, many road trips between Florida and the mid-atlantic region.  I've road-tripped from North Carolina to Texas a couple different times, and I'm hoping sometime to do a road trip out west.

But my favorite, favorite road trips are overseas!  With the exception of one or two trips, every time we've been to Europe, we've rented a car and taken off on a big swath through a country (or two or three).

Our latest trip to Spain was one of my favorites.  Ever.  Anywhere.  We trekked from Madrid up through Burgos province and on through Cantabria, Asturias, and Galicia, which are now my three favorite regions of Spain, bar none. The vistas are without parallel, in my opinion.

I love stopping at a new-to-me grocery store and finding local goodies.

I love unplanned stops at scenic, roadside by-ways.
When they include historic sites, even better!

I adore finding a nice picnic spot under a sunny sky.

I adore unexpected stops along rocky coastlines -- and Galicia is full of them!

Sometimes it seems like there's a neat little village to discover around every bend.

And I'm really map-happy.  Digital or paper, there's something fun and exciting to me about opening up a map and exploring roadways here and there, like this map, below, from France.

I love stopping to grab a cup of coffee and exploring tiny little towns.

I used Jen Maddocks and Rosey Posey products in the digi pages, above

There's nothing like thinking about past road trips that makes me want to start planning another one!