More Basil!

I've been on a basil kick lately.  One of my new favorites, beside Margherita Pizza, is Pad Basil.

Long a favorite menu choice when I visit Thai restaurants, I found a recipe that's really easy to make at home.  It's filled with simple, easy-to-find ingredients, 2 ingredients you may or may not be familiar with (oyster sauce and fish sauce), and whatever veggies I have on hand that is fresh.  Just make sure there's basil available!

I like this dish cooked with chicken, but I also adore it with oven-baked tofu.

Here's the recipe I (generally) use, from Food Network.  I prefer chopped chicken breasts, or, as I mentioned, tofu.  I've yet to find Holy Basil in my neck of the woods, but I am sure it would send this dish over the top.  For heat, I use re-hydrated dried japones chile peppers, the same ones I use when I make Thai curry pastes.  I also add onion (not in the original), fresh bell pepper (earlier in the recipe than the instructions call for), asparagus, mushrooms, and any other fresh veggie that I think might go well in this dish.  I'm still wanting to use diced eggplant.  One of these days!

This is a recipe I can throw together in a snap, too, which makes it a frequent visitor on our dinner table!

Do you have a favorite throw-together recipe?  Share with me!