Spanish Gems: Salamanca

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Salamanca was one of the most surprising visits on our last trip to Spain.  I'm not a huge fan of cities, but I found this one quite approachable.  And, it was hugely photogenic!

The city is full of gorgeous-colored buildings, bright doors, marvelous rooflines, and interesting details.  My favorite building, I think, was Casa de las Conchas, below.  I love the seashells adorning the facade.  And even better -- it is a public library!

The interior courtyard is no less impressive.

The historic part of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage sight. The university for which Salamanca  is renowned is not only the oldest in Spain, but one of the oldest in the western world!  There are lovely lanes to wander and plazas to rest in.  And the details -- you could spend eons here just taking in all of the minute details that have gone into the buildings here.

We stayed at the Parador of Salamanca.  It's a very modern building; if you're looking for the quintessential ancient-structure-turned-Parador, this is not it!  However, what it lacks in history makes up for in comfort.

Our room had a seating area by the window; great air conditioning, a minibar/fridge, good wifi, and easy parking.  Outside, there is a nice pool to relax by!  Oh, and the views of the city were fabulous.

The old, Roman bridge into town makes for a pleasant walk if you are staying at the Parador.

We only had a short time here, but this is definitely a place I can see re-visiting.  How great it would have been to study at the university here during college!

Have you been to Salamanca?  What is a small city you recommend visiting?