Springtime in the Woods

Beautiful, leafy trees, gorgeous blue skies and fresh woods smells highlight my almost-daily woods walks lately.  I love this time of year.
It all starts with the wonderful azaleas.
But even after they fade, there are new beauties to take the place of their vibrant blooms, like irises and mountain laurel.

Looking down at my feet I see loveliness, remnants like poplar petals or unknown, tiny, white, sweet-smelling blooms I found scattered on the forest floor a few days ago.  Even the caterpillars have their own beauty.

I get excited seeing all the blackberries that will soon be ripe. (And there are more and more every year).
And I never get tired of brilliant, blue skies with bright, white clouds.

Finally, (of course), a layout featuring my beloved woods!  Everything from Sherwood Studio Kindness kit @ scrapbookgraphics.

What sights and sounds and smells are you enjoying these days?