Animal Friends

Dawn Inskip template and Fur Babies kit

 It seems like every time we've traveled lately, I've made animal friends, particularly dogs, as most of the cats have seemed quite skittish.  Here are a few of the cute domestic creatures captured (alliteration!).

Friendly Jakob in Portugal
A kitty hungry for ham in Portugal (this one was definitely not skittish!)
Walking with the farm dog in Ronda, Spain
A well-mannered guide dog in Galicia

Lia, a super-friendly ball of energy near Ourense, Spain

adorable kittens peeping out in Galicia
This adorably cute fellow followed us around a little village next to a monastery

And, on the less-domesticated front, we love seeing larger animals, like these cows right from our hotel window.  What an awesome view!
Galicia, Spain

A word to the wise: don't drive too fast on small, curvy mountain roads in the Picos de Europa.  You never know who will be crossing the street.

Or hanging out in a tunnel.

There's something so beautiful about a lone horse in a field on a cool summer evening.

 I love these animal encounters on our travels!