It is so hard for me to resist bread.  I love baking.  Unfortunately, I also have a bit of a sweet tooth, so  baking, especially around the holidays, can end up as cookies and my grandmother's recipe (that my mom makes so well!) for cheese drops.  Yum!

I haven't made too much sweet lately (aside from a birthday coconut cake).  But here are a few breads I've been baking lately.

English muffins!  Our oven's igniter went out a while back.  What to make?  English muffins!  They don't bake in an oven.  Instead, the shaped dough cooks (dry -- no oil) in the skillet. Once you've had homemade english muffins, you won't want the store-bought stuff ever again.

Occasionally, I'll make a baguette (but not often; not sure why!).

Grilling season is here.  That means buns for hamburgers, turkey burgers, and other goodies.

Sometimes, you just have to have a good biscuit for breakfast.  Lately, I've been foregoing sausage gravy for this mushroom gravy recipe.  I also recently experimented with making the biscuits with only half the butter and substituting coconut oil for the other half.  They turned out pretty well.  Still moist!  Maybe would have been better if I'd chilled the coconut oil first; the house was warm and the oil was not rock solid like it is in the winter.

And, once in a while, I'll make bagels.  I find I'm hit and miss with them.  They never look pretty.  They're also a bit more of a pain: you have to shape them, boil them, brush with a wash, then bake them.  But they do taste yummy with some cream cheese mixed with honey and pecans.

Do you bake breads?  What are your favorites?