Grayson Highlands State Park

One of my favorite, favorite U.S. State Parks is, hands down, Grayson Highlands.  Just above the North Carolina line in the southwest part of Virginia, this park is filled with gorgeous vistas, wonderful creeks and waterfalls, and miles of trails.  There is also a picnic area and campground.  What's more, it hooks up to the Appalachian Trail, so you can hike along it for a time, too.  Also, just at the top of Rhododendron Trail, you can sometimes see wild ponies.

Summer is my favorite season to visit there, but I have to admit the fall is totally spectacular.

The rock formations here are awesome.

If you head to the Appalachian Trail, you can view, or continue to hike to, Mt. Rogers, the highest peak in Virginia.  The views are spectacular.

There are several trails that have waterfalls and creeks (Wilson Creek is one).

And, did I mention the wild ponies?  We have not always encountered them, but it's really a great experience when we have.

In the summer, there are fields of sunlight-dappled ferns in the woods.

And during July(ish) you can pick wild blueberries as you hike.

We've used the picnic facilities many times.  Often for a birthday get-together!

Have you visited Grayson Highlands?  What's your favorite park?