Scrapped Lately

Here are a few pages I've made recently.

Studio Mix 95, Yesterday's Summer,
The layout above features an image from our trip to Spain last September, showing Fuente De in the Picos de Europa in Cantabria.  This was one of my favorite photos from the trip, snapped hurriedly from my iPhone at the back of our car.

Here's a page with a GoPro shot of me getting ready to swim in Galicia.  Playa San Rom├ín in Galicia was just gorgeous.  Its clear, aquamarine waters remind me Florida or the Caribbean.  And the temperature of the water wasn't too cold. Brisk to begin with, but refreshing.
Sunshine Garden by emeto designs,
One morning we drove to a northern peninsula at the tip of Galicia and visited the lighthouse there, Faro Estaca de Bares.  The lighthouse was not the main sight, but instead the walk past the lighthouse and out to the point was the highlight. Overlooking the ocean and rocks and waves was dizzying but lovely.  It's always a cool experience when you are looking down at birds soaring through the air.  Can you spot the bird in the photo below?

Jen Maddocks Bricolage 102 and Vinnie Pearce Textured Blues paper,