Scrapped Lately -- From Cuteness to Courage

Crafty Button's Darkest Before the Dawn kit @
 I keep looking at this photo, above, and can't help but smile.  Those two kitties were completely adorable.  They were hanging out in a building at Casa Casarellos in Galicia.

We encountered this statue, below, near the lighthouse just beyond the town of Laxe, Galicia.  I took a gazillion  photos from all angles.  The sculpture was really beautiful, the form of the woman and child, looking out to the ocean, her hair cascading down her back reminiscent of a fish or mermaid.
Ztampf! Metalese Four papers, plus Manu Zimmerman Secrets of the Ocean kit,
We visited the town of Nájera in La Rioja.  The name Nájera comes from the Arabic term meaning "town between the rocks."  The day we visited, the skies were brilliant blue, and the gorgeous, pinkish-red rocks contrasted beautifully with it.  It was amazing to see how the town was literally built right into the rocks.  A post with photos of the town to come soon!
Ztampf! Metalese Four papers, Palvinka Designs Masks, and Vicki Robinson It's About Time and Choices kits, at scrapbookgraphics

 We visited Garden of the Gods park in Colorado Springs.  Wow -- what an amazing place!  And what excellent paper matching with Ztampf! backgrounds!  ha
Another using Ztampf! Metalese 4 Backgrounds and Jen Maddocks Urban Bundle brushes,
Finally, a little courage.  I thought the lady representing justice in the background was pretty cool, and loved the image of the little girl perched on the scale, her foot hanging over the edge just a tad.  The wings on the lightbulbs?  I'll let you interpret what you would like.

Studio Stories Brave kit from