Throwback Thursday - Digi Scrapping from 2006

Another Throwback Thursday!  This time, I'm sharing a page from 2006.  I think, but am really not sure, that I was using a background from Debbie Pearson.  And brushes from....  I'm not sure whom!

This is an early example of creating text inside a drawn path.  I was already into blending, and had been for a while.  But the shaped text was new (outside of templates that had this feature).  You can fit text into a page so much more creatively!

To create text in a path in Photoshop, use the Path Selection tool to draw a path in your document. After the path is drawn, switch to the Text tool, and hover inside your path and click to begin typing.  Your text will conform to the inside of the path!

For a simple rectangular text path, simply select the text tool in Photoshop, and click and drag a rectangle shape on your document, then type inside.

For text inside any shape, select the shape tool.  Make sure Path is selected in the toolbar (i.e., not shape or pixels), draw the shape, then select the Text tool, click, and off you go!