Spanish Gems: As Catedrais

Our visit to Spain this summer included a re-visit from our trip last fall:  As Catedrais beach in Galicia.  Situated right on the border of Asturias and Galicia, this Northern Spanish beach is phenomenal.  Large, rocky cliffs abut the sand and wild surf.  Caves are carved into the rock which you can explore at low tide.  And, if you hit it at just the right time, you can explore the towering cathedral-like arches that the water has formed.

I am somewhat sad to say that we still didn't get to see the iconic arches that are so well-photographed, as the tide was not out far enough.  The first visit was confined to the cliff-tops as the tide was in too high.  Officials restrict your visit onto the beach for safety.  We even had to sign a waiver before heading down to the water level.  Believe me, you would not want to get caught down there when the tide starts roaring in!

I will gladly take a third trip to try to see the arches.  Third time's a charm, no?

We were still thrilled to see the wonderful caves and towering rocks from the beachside perspective.

In one cave, the walls were a beautiful pink with mottled green and splashes of yellow.

The rocks are very colorful and so blocky.  Growing up visiting east coast beaches in the southern US, I am always in awe of this type of landscape!

The vivid green algae growing along the face drips with water.  The sea life attached to the formations are lovely.

My sentiments exactly about this beach:

Finally, I leave you with a scrapbook layout featuring our visit here.
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