Spanish Gems: Cudillero

So close and yet so far...  That could have been our slogan on our 2014 trip through Asturias, when we just breezed by the unbeknownst-to-us village of Cudillero.

When we returned home from Spain last fall, we were looking at a map of some places we'd visited, including our lunch at Hotel Lupa.  We had a nice meal (some yummy salmon) there, just off the A-8 in Asturias, after which we got back in the car and headed on our way toward Taramundi.

Great search engine that it is, Google showed us just what we'd missed if we'd driven only a couple more miles up to the coast to see cute-as-can-be Cudillero.

This summer, as we made our way through Asturias again, we took the time to visit, and we're so glad we did -- Cudillero is adorable!  A fishing village with a pretty harbor, Cudillero is awash with  buildings that tumble like terra-cotta blocks down the green hillside to the blue harbor front.

Brightly-colored restaurants and shops curve around the main town center, umbrellas shading diners from the bright Spanish sun.

The day we were there, a market was set up along the back side of the main road into town, selling everything from clothes to cheese to Taramundi knives (trip regret -- I should have bought another one)!

For terrific views, climb up (way up) the steps and walk along the hillside to see how gorgeous the town is from above.

As is usual in our favored sightseeing spots, Cudillero has no major sights, no must-see attractions (and, the July day we were there, thankfully no crowds).  To us, the town itself was the main sight.

Every nook and cranny seems to have something interesting to see.

Even "plain" walls are pretty in Cudillero

I'll leave you with a scrapbook page I created featuring the beautiful town.

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I really recommend visiting this picturesque village if you are in the area.