Beautiful Rocky Mountains

While I have a huge yearning for the ocean and tropical locations, I also have a deep love for the mountains.  From the Appalachian mountains where I've lived many years:

to the swoon-worthy mountains of Switzerland:

 to the stunning Picos de Europa in Spain:

But I have a new (to me) mountain love:  the Rocky Mountains of Colorado!  They are completely spectacular.  I know I'm seriously late understanding just how marvelous they are, but... wow.  Just, wow!

We were chatting the other day, trying to determine (beyond the obvious) why it's so different in the Rockies.  The seaside is gorgeous.  The oceanscape is ever-changing, hour to hour and even minute to minute.  However, the landscape itself is ever-changing here:  in one view, a hill covered with bright yellow aspens.  Turn slightly, and there are evergreens spilling down the hillside as the tips of the peaks above the treeline hang in clouds or cup pockets of snow, even in August.  One view is of rocky spires; turn slightly and you might be viewing a serene lake or babbling creek.

Snow-capped peaks + morning and evening pink and blue skies are amazing.

The mountains even manage to be beautiful when they disappear in snow, fog, and cloud cover.

Are you a mountain person, or beach lover?  Prairie or woods?