So Easy (I feel like I've cheated!)

I recently downloaded a new-to-me (I think) type of product: Vinnie Pearce's Sci-Fi template bundle.  Included are several .psd templates and some other element add-ons.

I've used many, many layered templates in Photoshop through the years, but this experience was like stepping into someone else's creative mind!  The backgrounds are included, blending modes set (but changeable), and spots for text.  If you want it to be, it can be as easy as dragging your photo in, saving, and you're finished!  The first one was truly so simple, I felt like I'd cheated on making a layout!

But then, I became more and more fascinated with how she built the page as a designer:  her layers, descriptions, and settings.  Even her layer titles and comments.  This was really cool to experience!

As I started getting more used to the idea of working this way, I began trying to think outside the box, and pulling in elements from the other .psd files in the set.  A globe here, some triangles there.  I started building out a distinct page with pieces from different templates.  Then I started thinking about different combos on my end, like clipping a sunrise photo to an extracted egret, set on top of a sunset image; repeated barcodes, a light swish...

How about an old, scanned postcard of Florida beach babes in space.  (Whacky, I know!)

Also using Priss Designs Silent Sea

One of my primary motivations for playing with the set was because it had this cool, space-y feel to it and seemed so much not what I typically would make; outside of my usual box, for sure.  But I definitely had a blast doing it, and I'm  pleased with the art-y pieces that I ended up creating.