A Mindful, Creative Outlet

FoxeySquirrel Secrecy kit, Magical Orb, and Sludgy Vol. 3 at e-scapeandscrap.net

Sometimes, when I sit down to create a scrapbook page, I know the photo I want to use and the story I want to tell.  I know the memory I want to capture and the reminiscence I want to record.  I may not know how I want the page to look overall, but I have a set purpose in mind.

Other times, I start out with no idea of where a page will go.  Usually, these pieces end up as digital art.  Full of metaphors, often photo-less (or, at the least, photos ready to be altered to within a pixel of their lives!  haha).

Sometimes backgrounds speak to me in a certain way.  That's the way this page started:  the mountains in the background.  Then I saw the Sludgy piece (the bright green and white pathway in the center, boring right into the mountainside). I overlaid the portal with a green grass element.

Incorporating little fairies in glass bubbles added some whimsy.  The time piece and the lights both represent certain things to me.  And most of all, the central figure, the woman whose cape enshrouds a mountain, spoke to me.  I thought at first her cape resembled a seashell (and may still run with that on another page).  But I looked at its shape some more, and was struck how it just about blankets the mountain.  The tip of the cape became the snow-cap of the mountain after some tweaking and warping in Photoshop.

Each of the elements on this page have personal meaning and representation to me.  I won't go into them here; maybe you, viewing it, see your own set of symbols (I hope so).

As I step through the creative process of a page like this one, above, I cement ideas and dreams and thinking just a little clearer.  It's a great reward creating this way.