Doughnuts and Deliberation

I'm not on a diet.  But I've tried to watch my intake more closely this year.  Not in terms of calories, but in terms of ingredients, like sugar and gluten, etc.

I drove by a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop the other day, and it must have planted a seed.  I started playing with Jen Maddock's Artand Montage kit, and just busted out laughing when I started turning button elements into doughnuts.

I loved the contrast of the svelte woman dreaming of doughnuts (already.  just January).  And the ripped pieces of fruit and avocado along the page.  Had a blast making this page!

Jen Maddocks ArtandMontage

This page I created with Foxeysquirrel's Agriculture kit.  There are a lot of things I was thinking about while making this one.  I loved the cow figure, and I morphed it into an artsy bull, which makes me think of Spain, of course.  So I ran with that, and thoughts spilled onto the page from there on.  What do you see when you look at this page?

Foxeysquirrel Agriculture kit