It's nearly summer...

...and I am dreaming of being near the coast.

Jen Maddocks Aquatic kit, (loosely) based on Heartstrings Art Scrap Template
This photo was taken near the coast in Galicia, Spain, in the little port town of O Barqueiro.  The water and sky were beautiful shades of blue, the hillsides a deep green, and colorful boats dotted the inlet. It was a tiny village but so adorable.

And a throw-(way, way)-back to me as a kid at my favorite place in the world -- the beach.  I   loved that bathing suit:  pink and white gingham print with a green hippo (I think) on the front.

Alexis Designs Classy Essentials Watercolor Papers and Graffiti and template for the SBG June Launch Zone challenge
And check out that font -- Wendyzine's You are Scribbled font.