Details of Memory Keeping

Sometimes layouts just come together with certain kits.  I love the creative process, watching it unfold during the process as well as in retrospect!

These two pages I made with Jen Maddocks Artful Marks 2 Bundle.

This first one uses a template, which is more enjoyable to me than a puzzle, fitting different pieces together in a creative way.  The images of the statue, boats, and harbor are from Laxe (pronounced la'-shay), a tiny coastal village on the Costa da Morte in Galicia.

This one below is more pure memory-keeping-style page.  I was reminiscing fondly about our stay in Galicia near Ourense, relaxing, not doing much of anything, right in the heat of summer.  Cooling off in the swimming pool and under the portico.  By the way, I can now see why they call this area of Galicia the frying pan!

I've noticed my scrapping style evolving.  I find myself more and more using photos as accents (clipping a photo to a brush stroke, for example) that represent the place and the memory for me, supplemental to main, focal images.   Oftentimes, before, maybe I would use just an element, clip a paper, or recolor or blend an object.    The bathroom where we stayed on this visit in Galicia had lovely tile (two separate places on the same trip, actually, had this identical tile!)  I clipped an image of the tile to a brushed layer to incorporate it into the page, as a distinct facet of my visual memory of this place.