For this page, I created a globe of one of our panorama photos.  It's a fun technique to play with, and easy, too.

  1. Create a duplicate of a wide photo or panorama and open in your image-editing software. 
  2. Un-check constrain proportions. for resizing, and resize the image so the height and width are equal. (Yes, it looks weird. Don't worry. It will get weirder. ha)
  3. Flip the image vertically.
  4. Run the Polar Coordinates filter
For this one, I didn't like how the grass showed a line where the edges of the photo were joined, so I placed the figure over that section.  Obviously, you have to be a bit picky which photo will work with this process, but for this purpose, I think it came out ok!

Credits: Jen Maddocks Artful Marks No3 Bundle.