A Coruña

A Coruña, in Spain's northwest province of Galicia, is one of my favorite places we've visited recently.  It's a coastal city with lots of green spaces, palm trees, beaches, beautiful walking areas, and mesmerizing Atlantic coastline.  Here are a few photos just of the tip of the peninsula, where you can find the famous Tower of Hercules lighthouse.  It's the oldest functioning Roman lighthouse in the world at almost 2,000 years old.  It was remodeled in the late 1700s, so what you see isn't quite that old.   This area also features a fine coastal walking path, an easy-going promenade along the waterfront, an aquarium, sculptures, and endless ocean views.  We stayed for a long time just watching the waves crashing on the rocks below -- mesmerizing.  I could wander around this part of the city every. single.  day.

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