Hotel Torre do Rio

Just outside the little town of Caldas de Reis near Pontevedra, Spain is the remarkable hotel, Torre do Rio.  The location is spectacular, surrounded on three sides by the lovely river Umia, which also flows to the center of the property and cascades into a natural pool.  The landscaping is beautiful.  Tables and chairs are scattered around the property that provide private little nooks to relax.  Part of the old building still stands alongside the pool, the roofless, stone structure adding even more character to the property.

Our room was well-decorated, with a good shower and ample closet space and included a desk and extra chair.  We had views out over the river, and with the windows open we could listen to the sounds of the water and wind in the trees.  The breakfast was excellent, with homemade breads and pastries,  yogurt, and membrillo.  It is a beautiful property and was a pleasant place to stay!