In Spain, it's easy to find a Feria

And on our last trip, we  just happened to be staying nearby to a feria (fair) celebrating the pimiento, or pepper!  This is one of the things I love about Spain and its people: they celebrate often and with gusto.

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In the US, it seems red bell peppers are always pricey.  I was wishing so much we had a kitchen at the time so I could have loaded up on all kinds of regional goods, from peppers and other vegetables to artisan cheeses and chorizos.  The baked goods looked scrumptious.  And there were great little handcrafted items like figurines.  Some made of wood that moved, doing tasks like baking bread, cutting the grass with a scythe, or milking a cow.

Even after multiple trips to Spain, I still appreciate little things like parking in a field next to a very old stone wall, the town's church building in the backdrop.

That same night, the fair continued.  As the vendors packed up their wares, the live music began, and the crowd gathered around to sing and dance along.  We enjoyed listening, people-watching, and seeing the twilight colors change, lighting up the sky and the ocean-front village in the distance.