Bufones de Pria in Asturias

Even when you don't see the main event, sometimes you still see and hear some amazing things.

The Bufones de Pria in Asturias are channels tunneling through the cliffs, basically a tube running from a vertical, sea-facing wall to horizontal land.  When the tides come in and the sea is rough, sea spray roars through the channel and explodes up from gaping holes on land.

Bufones de Pria
Image credit: Paco Verdugo on Flickr

We may not have caught the rough seas and water jets, but we sure saw a beautiful twilight over the Atlantic, witnessed puffs of seaspray giving just a hint of what could be.  And the sounds -- one of the best experiences of all.  They started faintly, a distant exhale.  But as we lingered around the alien-seeming landscape, the sounds grew louder.  As we approached the giant holes, and as the tides continued to come in, the sound became like a hissing breath.  I could imagine dragons or mystical figures hiding down inside the rocks.  It was a truly magical time to be there, even if we didn't get to see the full display.  Until next time, Lord willing!

I couldn't resist incorporating some of the scene at the bufones into an art piece.  I used Foxeysquirrel's Lilavati.  ;)