La Ojerada

We visited a pretty incredible sight in Cantabria just by chance.  I'm a map-o-phile, and when we travel, I enjoy discovering a point of interest on the map and setting off to try to find it (usually en route).  Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn't.  Happily, this one did.  

The cave at La Ojerada is just east of Santander.  It sits on a cliff above the ocean, and is home to an assortment of sheep and goats.  The geology is incredible.  The ground seems alien, like crinkled paper with deep fissures.    Walking through the cave to the cliff the sight is even more impressive.  Looking either east or west, the views of the waterfront and waves crashing against the rocks are stunning.  Just south of here there's a super beach for swimming and hanging out, filled with cool rock formations of its own (post to come).  And, of course, I could spend hours just looking north over the blue Atlantic.

have a look here at the art I created using this image