Template Uses: from Traditional to Artistic

Occasionally, I start creating a piece with a template, not knowing any direction I'm taking.  Sometimes I find that, in the end, I alter the template so much that there's nothing left of it:  I've not only replaced every layer, but every layer's position!

That's what happened with this piece, which started with Jen Maddocks Artful Marks Template No. 1, then transformed into an art piece on the American Southwest.  This proves once again to me how a template can serve as a jumping point for a unique, artistic page!

Jen Maddocks Urban 6
Below is a more traditional use of a template, using Jen Maddocks Artisan Favorite Templates 12 and Artful Marks 3.  I altered the background color, and combined several layers to be used as a clipping  mask with one photo, but otherwise I stuck with the original template.  The only additions were the crown, the layouts single element, and the text.