These days (five senses)

I'm hearing:  The wind whooshes through the now almost-bare tree branches.  What leaves are left on the trees rattle wearily; the fallen ones shush underfoot when I walk through the woods.  An occasional tractor trailer roars down the road, reminding me that the Christmas tree farms will be shipping out soon.

I'm feeling: The rough skin of a green apple, just picked from the tree.  Knobby and blemished, but firm and ripe.

I'm seeing: Carolina blue skies with almost purple clouds against rust- yellow- and orange-colored leaves.  Lovely, still-green grass.  More and more of the vibrant colors transform to an earthy brown: the seasonal muting has begun.  The occasional bright red leaf nestles inside a rhododendron's leaves.  Fantastic sunrises almost daily.

I'm tasting: Apple dishes, savory, warm soups, biscuits fresh from the oven.

I'm smelling:  Warm, cinnamon-y custard cooks on the stove inside; outside, a distant fire burns; fresh, mossy earth, and decaying, fallen leaves in the woods.

What are you picking up with your five senses these days?